Global Business


Mould Business 模具部介绍

Unipower are transferred excellent experience and sophisticated skill from Konyane Injection Mold Co.,LTD , one of the best mould maker in Taiwan, to launch single and double injection mould business in China. We can use English for communication with customer like DFM review and all the documentation, etc. Also, we had well trained engineer for Moldflow analysis.    


協信模具部承接台灣工元鋼模優秀技術人才,並於中國深耕自有技術,專注於相關領域的單雙色精密模具製造。我们可以使用英语与客户之间沟通做DFM检讨等等。 值得一提的是,我们有专业的模流分析人员,我们有自信做的比其他厂商好。



Tooling Equipment 设备

• Software 软件


AUTOCAD 2007  Mold and product design as well as 2D drawing
Solid Works 3D drawing
UG NX2 Mold design, CAM procedure design
Cimatron CAD\CAM procedure
MOLDFLOW Profession Mold flow analysis




• Hardware 硬件


Equipment SPEC Q'TY
High Speed CNC Machine YASDA  20,000RPM (Japan) 2
KITAMURA 20,000RPM (Japan) 2
EDM Machine MAKINO (Japan) 6
Yi-Yao (Taiwan) 6
Wire Cutting EDM Machine Seibu (Japan) 2
CHMER (Taiwan) 2
CHMER (Taiwan) 1
Grinding Machine Yu-Qing (Taiwan) 10
General Fabricated Machine Manual Milling Machines 6
Surface Grinding Machine 3
Lathe 1
Drilling Machines 1
QA Equipment TRIMOS Height Gauge 2
MITUTOYO Microscope 1
MITUTOYO 3D Scanner.  1