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Injection Business  成型部介绍

Unipower, a well experienced maker in thin wall, complex, and cosmetic parts molding, especially focus on small to middle size plastic items, such as industrial used products, network router, set-top box, mobile phone, headset, and automobile, etc. We are the major double injection supplier in East area of China.  




Equipment 设备



Injection Type SPEC Q'TY
Single Injection
SM50TS  5 Total 118 units
SM90TS  10
SM120TS 26
Si-130II 15
SM150TS 39
SM200TS 5
SM250TS 3
SM250TSV 4
SM350TS 8
SM450TS 2
SE180E V-HP 1
Vertical Injection
V3-2R-85T 1 Total 2 units
V3-2R-120T 1
Double Injection
160TS 4 Total 19 Units
210TS 11
300TS 2
400TS  2